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I am the son of a lifelong educator (who was an administrator for over 11 years at Montgomery College!) and my wife and I have just recently welcomed our own son, Lucas, into the world, so I have a profound interest in the quality of education every student receives.

Montgomery County’s schools are among the best in the nation. Though there is much room for improvement, especially in the achievement gap between students from affluent and poor families, our schools remain a shining example of success statewide. 

That success does come at a cost, as Montgomery County spent a staggering $2.46 billion on MCPS in 2017. Meanwhile Montgomery County is the state’s financial breadbasket, yet we receive a paltry $0.20 in state spending for every $1.00 of state taxes that we pay out. Montgomery County’s delegation must band together and take a stand for the state to pay its fair share to underwrite our county’s educational success that benefits the entire state.

Our educators are one of the vital pillars of our community and as your delegate, I pledge to do everything in my power to make sure Montgomery County receives state funding so we can protect our public school teachers’ step increases and ensure they have access to quality health care.

There is no denying that our national climate has courted controversy around public education, so let me be clear: the public school system is one of the great success stories in our country.  Like any large system, improvements can be made, and Montgomery County should lead the way toward less unnecessary testing and more planning time for teachers to communicate and collaborate on successful practices and build their skills.  Let’s trust them to be the dedicated professionals they are!

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