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There is perhaps no area where government can make so dramatic an impact in the day-to-day quality of life of their citizens as transportation.

In Montgomery County,  commuting is a fact of life, and our I-270, which runs through District 39, is among the most congested roads in the nation. It’s an absolutely miserable experience at rush hour, and one which hurts our upcounty economy — people who live here may have second thoughts about taking a job inside the beltway, people who might enjoy living here don’t move because they don’t want a longer commute, and downcounty residents and people throughout the DC area avoid visiting our excellent shopping, restaurants, parks and entertainment options because their commuting experience gives Germantown and Clarksburg the feeling of being located on Mars.

I believe we can make changes to improve how we get to work, go home, do some shopping and enjoy recreational time with our friends and families.

I propose a series of improvements to our district’s transportation infrastructure, starting with the creation of the much-studied Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system (  In addition to the BRT, I will coordinate with representatives from our Montgomery County delegation and Frederick County’s representatives to make further improvements, including the creation of new express toll lanes, the Corridor Cities Transitway and ensuring that already planned improvements are implemented, such as the Watkins Mill interchange on 270.

We’re fortunate to have citizens and professionals already engaged in these issues and I truly look forward to doing anything within my power to help them continue their great work and get MoCo moving.