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A woman’s body is her own. It is out of this principle that I am pro-choice, and will vigorously defend women’s right to abortion services.

I think that reducing the number of abortions is an excellent goal, and that this can best be achieved by excellent health care for women, easy access to birth control and contraceptives, health education, and eliminating poverty.

As of 2014, 26.1% of female-headed families in Maryland live in poverty. In 2016, we passed the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which was a significant step in the right direction, but much work remains to be done. A key piece to this is improving the availability and affordability of childcare, as discussed in the Family Values section, so that single parents are more able to work full time if they wish to do so.

On the subject of women owning their own bodies, another issue that is a priority for me is to tackle the scourge of human trafficking. In the midst of our neighborhoods and communities, women and girls are effectively held in slavery as prostitutes and in domestic servitude. I will work with law enforcement and human rights groups to learn just what they need to fight this evil, and will do everything I can to deliver it to them.

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